Various Uses of Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber and its derivatives were evolved after over hundred years of experimentation. Silicone rubber is a high value material due to its unique physical properties that makes it different from the other polymers. The best part is that its organic materials decompose, making it eco friendly. Silicon rubber is one of the self healing materials, which are capable of recovering its original strength on its own.

The material is resistant to weather, heat, moisture, cold, and some chemical agents. The strong bonding properties make it a useful agent in many chemical industries. It can be mixed and colored to be used as extrusions in tubes, strips, or any shapes as per the need. Liquid silicon rubber is also used in various industrial applications like injection molding units. Liquid silicon rubber has many possibilities and has already created a niche market for its various applications.  Silicon Rubber

Silicon rubber is a versatile product that finds place in various segments in our daily lives. Silicon rubber products are flexible and resilient unlike its organics counterparts and it can withstand a wide range of temperature variations and exposure to chemical agents and natural factors.

Silicon rubber products have a long life and can be fabricated into various shapes due to its hardiness. The high electrical insulation properties make it a perfect choice for a range of electrical applications. Odorless and tasteless and nontoxic, it is well acceptable in food and beverage industries also. Silicon rubber is used in various day to day applications like toys, garments, shoes, hardware and electronics; to name a few. Silicon rubber is widely used in auto industries for making rubber gaskets and seals as these are sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear and extreme heat that occur in the automobile.

Silicone rubber can be molded directly into the final products. Silicon rubber is also available in the form of gel and oil, which can be used in kitchen, bathroom and living spaces of every modern home. Silicone rubber tape can self-fuse without any added adhesive, which enhances its value as a flexible industrial product.

Silicon rubber can resist a range of very low to very high temperatures without losing its elasticity, which makes it ideal for solar heating uses and underwater applications. Silicone rubber is chemically robust and in non-inflammable and it is used in combination with iron oxide in aviation industry. Iron oxide adds to the thermal conductivity of silicon rubber without changing the insulation, which makes it useful for wiring.


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