Origin And Uses of Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil is one of the noted essential oils that are widely in use for aroma therapy. Obtained from the sandalwood tree that grows in the Indian sub-continent, the oil is extracted from the chips of the trees heartwood using the technique of steam distillation.

Known to be a hemi-parasitic tree, sandalwood in different varieties is found in the southern region of India and other countries like Australia, Indonesia, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The oil obtained from the tree has history which dates back to more than 4,000 years.

It is believed that the oil was carried from India to the countries like Egypt and Greece using camels. Another set of records mention that the coastal route connecting India to the Persian Gulf was used to transport many items, the sandalwood oil being one of them. Later, the jungles of Karnataka became the main source of obtaining sandalwood for extracting the oil.

sandalwood oil

The name ‘sandalwood’ has its origin from the Sanskrit word ‘chandana’. It is of great religious significance in various religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism. Today, the use of its oil is popular among the manufacturers of incense sticks, perfumes and cosmetics. This is because of the soothing aroma of the oil that there is a long list of products using it as an ingredient.

The oil also offers anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory properties that make it useful as a home remedy. It is excellent for providing relaxation to the nervous system and for alleviating stress, depression and fatigue. This is the reason for its popular usage for the practices like aromatherapy, messaging and meditation. The way it interacts with the enzymes and stimulates the body hormones help in achieving high level of psychological relief.

Sandalwood oil is useful in treating rough and dry skin. It can keep the skin hydrated and can assist in postponing the signs of aging that appear on the skin. Its use in vapor therapy to treat chest infections and asthma symptoms is also popular. Finally, it is also used as an ingredient for anti-insect products.

The oil or the products based on it can be easily availed. However, one must know the right instructions to use them. Know more about sandalwood oil click here.


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