Tips To How Centrifugal Pumps Keep Your Garden Pond Clean

Maintaining a garden pond requires proper water circulation to keep the water clean and well aerated, which in turn can be done using a reliable centrifugal pump. These pumps would make sure to maintain the oxygen level in the water and removes impurities from the water. Centrifugal pumps are capable of handling residues efficiently unlike other pumps and this is what makes centrifugal pumps popular in fish farms and ponds.

The pump should be of the right size and for a big pond, a pump with a higher flow rate should be chosen. Installing a very powerful pump in a small pond is not recommended either, as it will stir up the pond floor and make the waters muddy. In case there is an ornamental fountain in the pond, a centrifugal pump with a higher water head should be chosen.

centrifugal pump

Centrifugal pumps are available in different types like high pressure and trash centrifugal pumps. These have a relatively lower maintenance and are designed to handle solids and residues, which make them quite effective in cleaning ponds and other water bodies.

Centrifugal pumps have a rotating component made up of an impeller and a shaft and a static component composed of casing and bearings. The impeller is responsible for creating the centrifugal pressure to the fluid.

The shaft transmits the force or torque when starting the pump and supports all the rotating parts including the impeller.

Garden Pond

A centrifugal pump thus works through an impeller and create a pressure for the movement of water. The impeller and volute regulate the flow of water apart from maintaining the pressure. Different centrifugal pumps will have different discharge rates and are used in water ponds and other industrial applications among others.

There are different types of impellers like open, closed semi-open or vortex type. Open and semi open types of impeller do not clog easily, but these may require manual adjustment to the back-plate to ensure proper impeller setting and prevent internal re-circulation. To know more about centrifugal pump click here.


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