Tips To Buy Right Door Handles And Installation

Door handles are something that would be used by everyone in the family or office many times a day. So, it becomes important to choose the right door handles. Here are some tips in choosing door handles.

Design: Choose a design that suits the house theme. Door handles are available in various styles like traditional to contemporary. Apart from having an attractive design, door handles should be strong and long lasting.

door handles

Material: Door handles are available in a range of materials including brushed nickel, weathered brass and many more. Ideally the material of the door handle should be strong and easy to clean.

Operation: Though the traditional knob door handles never goes out of fashion, lever type handle would be easy to use for small children and aged people as it is easier to master and is simple to operate.

Budget: Door handles are expensive; however make sure not to compromise on the quality of the door handle in an attempt to cut down the costs.

Most of the door handles can be fixed with the aid of a few basic tools and a DIY guide in less than an hour. The installation includes the following steps.

Pull Handles are used in wardrobes or closets and do not having latching system. These can be fitted using bolts or screws. In there are no screw holes, the handle has to be fixed through the rear of the door.

Mark the locations where the door handle has to be installed. Drill holes, hold the handles on the face of the door and fasten the screw.

Levers and Knobs are used in doors that have latches. For the doors to get closed and not locked a passage set has to be used and for the door to lock handles with built-in cylinders are used.


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