Advantages And Types of Clinical Thermometers

Clinical thermometer, also known as medical thermometer, is used for measuring human body temperature. The instrument is quite handy in instantly recording any abnormalities in the required value of the body temperature. Since their discovery, these instruments have been designed in different types, each offering its own advantages.

These instruments can be commonly found at medical clinics and hospitals and also at homes. Their classification is based on two factors that include the technology used and the location used for measuring the temperature.

clinical thermometer

Liquid filled clinical thermometer was the earliest type used in the clinics. These instruments contained colored alcohol to indicate the temperature reading. Soon the most popular type was introduced in the form of mercury-filled clinical thermometer. Though they offer accurate and easy-to-record recordings, these thermometers are considered as highly unsafe for the poisonous nature of mercury.

Electronic or digital thermometers for clinics gained instant success with their introduction. Apart from being safer than mercury thermometer, these instruments provided accurate reading using digital technology. Moreover, the digital displays made it convenient to instantly record the temperature values.

Two popular types of electronic thermometers are contact and remote. As their names suggest, the former makes contact with the body, while the latter uses remote sensors to record the temperature of a body part without actually touching it. For leaving rare chance of cross-infection among patients, these thermometers are popular instruments at clinics. Another popular type is that of basal thermometer which is used to record the temperature with great precision on waking up.

On the basis of the location or body part used for measuring temperature, the most common type is that of oral thermometer. The instrument is placed below the patient’s tongue and is effective in recording temperatures for adults. Same instruments can be used under armpits to measure the temperature among kids.

Rectal thermometers are regarded as the most accurate instruments to read the temperature of body. These are placed inside the anus and are less commonly used for the obvious reason of causing discomfort. Infrared ear thermometers are used, especially among infants and small children.

The use of any type of clinical thermometer is possible at homes as well. They can be easily availed from the medical stores.


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