A User Guide On The Types And Uses Of Hose Pipe

A garden hose is an essential accessory for anyone who loves gardening as it enables them to water, plants and lawn quickly and effortlessly. Hoses are made of vinyl or rubber or a combination of these two.

Vinyl hose pipes are cheap and are well suited for mild weather conditions and light watering needs. Rubber hose pipe on the other hand are well suited for heavy duty watering needs and are highly durable even in adverse climatic conditions and are capable of even carrying hot water. Hose that are made from a combination of Vinyl and rubber offer the flexibility and durability of rubber and the light weight feature of Vinyl. Hoses typically have multiple layers to make them strong and sturdy to handle rough use.

Hose Pipe

Vinyl hoses are easy to carry as they are light weight and the foam coating will make them soft and kink resistant. For heavy duty applications hose pipes that are made of a combination of nylon and rayon could be used.

Hose Pipe

While buying a hose pipe, both the length and the diameter should be considered. Length ranges from 10’ and is available in various sizes like 25’, 50’, 75’ and 100’. The hose pipe should be long enough to reach all the watering areas of the garden easily without having to pull it tightly. It is recommended not to buy pipes that are too long as it is difficult to tug along and the hose is likely to get punctured easily.

Hose Pipe


Hose pipes are available in various diameters like 1/2″, 5/8″ or 3/4″ and the connectors   that connect the hose to the faucet are typically made from brass or plastic.

Apart from the garden hoses, there are many specialty hoses available. Camper hose has a nontoxic core, which makes it well suited for carrying drinking water in boats and RV. Soaker hose pipe has many perforations, which makes it well suited for lightly watering plants and lawns without damaging the delicate plants.


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