Steps To Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Making beautiful flowers with tissue paper is indeed a great and entertaining activity for young children and kids. It is quite easy to make these flowers. It proves to be one of the most delicate and endearing gift item. You can also help young children to make flowers with tissue papers quite easily. Allow children to use their creative skills in making these beautiful flowers with tissue paper.

Cut The Tissues: First lay down the tissue paper on a flat surface and cut it into a square piece, preferably a 10 inch square. Use this square piece tissue as a template and cut out seven more squares similar to the first one.

Align The Squares: Place all the square cut tissue papers on top of one another and align it accordingly. Ensure that there are no over lapping surfaces.

Tissue Paper Flowers

Fold One Side Of Square: The next step involves folding ½ inch of the tissue paper along one side. All the sides of the paper should be folded in the similar manner.

Tie A Thread: Cut a piece of thread and tie it to the middle of the tissue paper and wrap it around. Ensure to tie the thread in a knot so that it becomes tighter.

Tissue Paper Flowers
Cut The Ends: The ends of the tissue paper need to be cut into triangular points so that it appears even and thin.

Separate The Layers: The next step involves pulling the layers of the paper apart. You can begin from the top part of the tissue paper so that it appears like a petal. Then continue with the next layers till all the layers are separated.
Tissue Paper Flowers
Craft Stick: Make use of a small green colored craft stick to hook the thread from underneath the flower.

Additional flowers can be made in the similar manner. Different colored flowers can be made by using different colored tissue papers. Allow children to choose colors according to their choice. Beautiful rainbow flowers can be made by using different colored papers. Tissue paper flowers can be made and used as customized gift items on Mother’s day and Teacher’s day.


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