Eleven Types of Diamond Rind Designs

Diamond rings are available in a huge variety of shapes and designs. Beautiful and exquisite diamond rings can be bought for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, beginning of a new relationship or simply to own the most precious stone on earth. Nevertheless, there are designs for every occasion.

Tension Set Rings: This unique and exquisite design includes a band design that holds the diamond at two points similar to a tong. It exudes an elegant appearance with its unique style and design.

Tension Set Rings

Pave Diamond Ring: It is a simple and elegant design. The focal point of the ring is the band itself and the diamonds are set on the band in a simple way. Some of these rings integrate a big diamond stone at the center piece of the band.

Pave Diamond Ring

Low Solitaire Rings: The low solitaire diamond ring is an elegant transformation of the classic solitaire rings. The diamond is set on the lower band of the ring.

Low Solitaire Rings

Bezel Set Rings: The bezel set ring is a sophisticated transformation of the classic diamond ring designs. The diamond is usually set in an oval or round shape and it is surrounded by gold, platinum or silver metals.

Bezel Set Rings

Scatter Set Diamond Rings: In this design the diamonds are set in a scattered design which exudes a unique appearance to your precious diamond ring. The type and size of the diamonds can be altered according individual desires.

scatter set rings

Engraved Rings: It is a personalized ring design which can be customized according to the desires of the wearer. It can be combined with a variety of other designs to attain a perfect appearance.

Engraved Rings

Classic delicate: It is one of the most popular and elegant variety of diamond ring designs.

Classic Rings

Twisted Bands: This variety of diamond ring design includes two or three individual bands on the ring along with the diamonds.

Twisted Bands rings

Halo Design: One of the most popular and striking variety of diamond designs include the halo design. One big diamond is surrounded by many small diamonds in this design.

Classic delicate ring

Trilogy Style: There are three diamond sets in this design. The gem in the center is slightly larger than the other two diamonds.

Trilogy Rings

Channel Set Rings: One of the most beautiful varieties of diamond rings. It has a single row of diamonds set in a band of precious metals.

Channel Set Rings

It is important to consider the price, style and occasion before choosing diamond ring designs.


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