Health Benefits of Assam Tea

Assam tea is the most popular tea grown in the Assam region of India. Assam is the only place in the world that has the largest tea growing region for a very long season. The tea is dark reddish brown in color and includes a strong malt flavor. It is commonly known as the Irish or English breakfast tea. Apart from its beautiful taste, there are many health benefits associated with the consumption of this black tea.

Cardio vascular health: Regular intake of green and black assam tea helps to reduce the formation of plaque in the arteries as it is rich in flavonoids. Consumption of black tea also helps to reduce the risks of heart attacks. It also reduces the possibility of hardening of the arteries.

assam tea harvest

Alertness: Assam tea also contains caffeine which keeps the mind alert and fresh. The tea can be consumed to stay awake for long hours. However, it can cause side effects if it is consumed in large quantities. Side effects such as heart burn, headache, irregular heart beats, irritability and nervousness can be avoided by consuming less than five cups of tea a day.

Prevent cancer: Consumption of Assam tea is also known to reduce the risk of cancer. The tea has many antioxidant properties that help to reduce cancer.

Parkinson disease: Assam tea is greatly beneficial to health as it helps to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Regular consumption of black tea significantly reduces the risk of Parkinson in men. One to four cups of tea a day can help to reduce the risk in women.

Assam Tea Plantation

Apart from these health benefits, Assam tea also helps to improve oral health by strengthening the cavities and teeth. It also helps to enhance the functions of the immune system. It is a rich source of vitamin B1 and helps the body to use carbohydrates for its energy. It therefore enhances blood circulation.

It is important to choose good varieties of tea to obtain substantial health benefits. Assam tea is consumed by people all over the world and demanded due to its numerous health benefits, taste and aroma.


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