Importance Of Solar Heating Systems In Recent Times

The uses of solar heating systems have found a profound increase in the recent times. The limited availability of oil, power and natural gas is one of the major reasons for the use of these heating systems. Moreover, there are many advantages of harnessing the energy from the sun.

There are a huge variety of solar heating systems available in many of the online stores at reasonable price rates. Today different types of heating systems with advanced technological features are being used in many of the countries all over the world. It proves to be one of the most economical and efficient methods of heating homes and offices.

Reasons For Solar Heating Systems Usage:

Economical: These heating systems are cost efficient, though its initial cost of installation is quite high. As it utilizes the energy from the sun, it incurs no other charges. The passive heating systems incur very less costs compared to the active heating systems.

solar heating systems

Efficient: Compared to the other heating systems, these units are quite efficient and can be utilized to heat large rooms, swimming pools and other areas. However, it is important to install the right type of heating panels which draw the energy from the sun.

Easy To Maintain: The solar heating systems are easy to maintain as it seldom requires repairs and replacements. It is easy to use and involves no risks.

Environment Friendly: Unlike the other types of heating systems, it does not pollute the environment while heating. Natural gas like coal causes air pollution while heating. By using the energy from the sun, such pollutions can be avoided which will lead to a cleaner environment.

Types Of Solar Heating Systems:

Basically there are two types of heating systems which utilize the energy from the sun to heat homes and other spaces- the active and the passive solar heating systems.

Active Heating Systems: Considered to be one of the most efficient heating systems, the active heating system can be further categorized into two. The first form involves the use of a solar collector which heats a fluid. This fluid can be either air or water. The heat is then transferred to the rooms through ducts. It can also be stored in insulated tanks for future use.

solar heating systems

The second form of active heating systems includes the use of rooftop collectors which capture the energy from the sun. This is one of the most common ways to heat homes, swimming pools and other spaces. Nevertheless, it is essential to install large panels or rooftop collectors to heat large areas and homes.

Passive Heating Systems: The second form of heating system is the passive heating system which includes specifically designed rooms called solariums that has the capacity to absorb heat. Black colored water tanks which are installed on roof tops also aid in capturing solar energy. Also Know more about solar energy products.


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