Use Stencil Painting To Decorate Your World

One of the easiest and cost effective ways to be a dull surface look bright is stenciling. This form of art can be used on a wide range of surfaces. You can change the look of your living room by stencil painting a wall, give your cabinets a funky look, personalize those pair of jeans that you were considering to discard, those mono coloured metal plates that have been lying in your closet forever, and even the outdoor space that could do with some lettering. Stencil painting can be done at home with a little imagination and creativity by using the correct raw material.

Before starting off, make sure that the surface to be painted is smooth and glitch free. Place the stencil on the surface and mark the lines with a light pencil. Make sure that the spacing is even and adjust the pattern accordingly. Once the pattern is done, remove the stencil and get ready to add colour to your designs. This is the point when you can let your creative juices flow. Most people use brushes, but you can use sponge pieces, cotton balls, or even a foam rubber for the colour application.

stencil painting

Depending on the type of surface you are using for stencil painting, you must select the colours. Add thinners if necessary, mix colours to get new hues and change the mode of application. Go smooth in places, and spray the colour with a thick bristled brush in other spots to give a professional look to your work. You can also create a border to the design to make the area look defined.

stencil paintings

You can use various types of paints and brushes for stencil painting. Depending on the type of surface you would paint, select the texture. Some paints can be used as is, and some are too thick, so they require thinners. There are many types of brushes as well. All these supplies are available in stores that specialize in art and craft, and painting commodities. There are various brands that would suffice your requirements. Stencil painting does not have any hard and fast rule. The mantra is to use any design and colour scheme that will make the surface look colourful.


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