Tips To Buy Used Outboard Motor And Maintenance

Boat owners usually prefer to save money by investing in a used water motor. It is not at all difficult to find them, but carefully choosing the best one is important. Equally important is to learn the tips about how to maintain a used outboard motor for enjoying its services for long time.

To begin with, learn about various sources that offer ads for used outboard engines. Apart from social contacts, the magazines and online resources can also help in this direction. It is better to shortlist quite a number of ads for better comparison. First of all, inspect the outer appearance of the water motor to locate the signs of damage, if any. One should be concerned in checking the signs of corrosion in particular.

electric motor water pump

The next step would be to check whether the cover and the bearings are still tight or are they showing loose fittings. Removed paint, burns and cracks are other possible signs of damage. Do not forget to check the spark plugs by pulling them out. Gas tank, skeg, propeller shaft and ignition system are other important parts that must be inspected.

water pump motor

It is advised to choose a popular brand outboard motor even if you are purchasing a used one. If possible, go for the motor whose warranty has not yet expired. It is also important to evaluate your individual needs like safe horse power limits and desired shaft length. The selection among two and four stroke motors should be according to the desired usage.

The first step of maintenance of a water motor is to flush out the engine after every ride. The outflow tube must be regularly checked to ensure that no debris is there to hamper the water outflow. Before storing the boat, it is recommended to burn the remaining fuel and ensure that no gas is left in the lines. Make sure that the oil in the motor’s foot is clean and the pump is working fine. Special care must be taken while transporting the boat to avoid any kind of damage to the motor.


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