Modern Sewing Machine And Instructions To Use

Devised during the initial years of the Industrial Revolution, sewing machine is among those machines that have undergone vast changes over all these years. The modern day machines used for sewing offer many advantages over the traditional mechanical counterparts. The electrical and computerized machines have made the sewing tasks fast and convenient.

The modernization of these machines has resulted from the integration of many useful components. Even the components borrowed from the traditional models have been improved for the modern versions. Spool pin for holding the thread spool and thread tension dial to remove the tension in the thread are two small but significant components.


Sewing Machine

There are many components to use and control bobbins in a modern sewing machine. Bobbin spindle, bobbin winder stopper, bobbin thread guide and bobbin cover are among these components. The parts like needle, needle plate and presser foot play the same roles as they would play in a conventional model.

Stitching pattern dial is an innovative and an extremely useful component of the modern models. As the name suggests, it helps the user to select among different stitching patterns and styles. The computerized models have menu screens at the place of dials for the same purpose. Stitch length control dial is also a useful component that allows the user to choose among fine and long stitches for different types of fabrics.

Hand wheel on a modern sewing machine is smaller in size as compared to the one found in traditional models. It performs the function of lifting or lowering the needle. Foot pedal for controlling the speed and power switch for operating the machine are other components. Reverse sewing lever is for setting the machine’s function for reverse stitching. LCD screens and memory units are the additional components of computerized machines.

It is recommended to read the instructional manual accompanying the sewing machines. The important things to learn include fixing the needle at place and threading the machines. A good idea is to use a waste fabric piece and practice the first sewing session on it. Learn how to leave the correct seams while trying different patterns from the menu available on sewing machine.

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