Rules Of Playing Carrom With Carrom Board Accessories

Indoor games like carrom are always fun for passing free time with friends and family alike. This game is believed to have originated in India but is now acknowledged worldwide.

To play carrom, you need a carrom board, carrom coins, i.e. nine white, nine black, one red and a striker. The striker is like a carrom coin but bigger in size. The coins are either made of plastic or wood. You must have carrom powder as it enables the coins to slide across the board smoothly. Stands are also available where you can mount the board so that you can stand and play.

Carrom Board

This game can be played with just two people or with four people. If two people are playing it, they have to play against each other and sit facing each other. However, if four people are playing it, there need to be two teams consisting of two players each. In a game of four players, those who are facing each other will be in the same team and would compete against the other team.

The rules of the game are very simple. The coins are set in the center of the carrom board in a specific pattern. The red coin is placed first and then it is surrounded by the black and white coins alternately in a circle. Another circle is created in the same fashion outside the first circle. Generally, the red coin has a denomination of 50, the white coin has a denomination of 20 and the black coin has a denomination of 10.

Whoever wins the toss gets to use the striker which is used to strike the coins and send them to the pockets created at the four corners of the board. If the striker enters any of the four side pockets of the carrom board, the players need to bear a pre-decided penalty coin which is to be kept back on the carrom board. Whoever successfully strikes the red coin to the pocket must also successfully strike a black or white coin (depending on the coins he is playing for) immediately after he has the red coin (also  called the queen) in order to win the red coin. The ultimate aim is to get maximum value of coins along with the queen.

Carrom is a game that requires skill and control. So get a carrom board with all the necessary accessories and start playing today here.


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