Variety Of Door Mats For Different Uses

While entering houses we step on the door mats to get rid of the dirt under our shoes. There are various types of door mats that we come across which serve different purposes.

Let us start with the basic type that scrapes off the dirt from the shoe soles. If the dirt is loose and not wet or runny, these clean scrape mats work wonderfully. It can not absorb water and therefore if you are walking into a house after having walked miles on a rainy day, then these mats will not be able to get the dirt off your shoes. These mats work on the basis of friction and they lose the edge with water.

PVC Coil Door Mat

There are other door mats that are generally used in garages. They are made of rubber and sturdy. In a garage you would deal with a lot of dirt as that is the place where you clean your car. These tire turf mats not only keep dry dirt at bay, but they also help in getting rid of water and keep them from messing the area.

There is yet another variety called cushion comfort mats that is simplicity personified. These are mainly used in bedrooms and are meant to step on while getting in and out of bed. You can however get the fluffy and furry ones that are soft and make your feet feel really relaxed.

door mats

The normal trend is to use tough mats outside the house and soft and comfortable ones inside the house. You can use door mats as an accessory to your room decor. If you have a bedroom like that of a princess, you can add a wow factor by putting a large, soft, comfortable and furry mat in front of your bed. It can be in pink, baby blue or even light yellow. Play with the colors and go for animal prints if you prefer. Try the same in your guest room as well. You can use different mats to decorate and maintain cleanliness.


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