Safety Tips Of Using A Gas Stove

Stove, which is an inevitable part of every kitchen, can be a dangerous appliance. So it is important to take the necessary precaution for avoiding any potential accident. One needs to be careful, while handling a gas stove.

Normally whenever you turn on the stove, it gets lighted. But there may be times, when the stove does not light up even after you turn the burner on. The thumb rule is to be attentive, while turning on the gas and checking if the fire is on. If not, turn off the gas immediately and try and find out what the problem is. Till you get help, you can continue cooking by lighting the fire with a handheld igniter or match sticks. It is also best to turn off the cylinder nob while going to sleep at night to prevent from any fatal accident.

Gas Stove

Your carelessness to note that there is no fire in the burner in spite of having turned on the gas will result in gas accumulation, and then with a sudden spark there can cause explosion. These explosions are fatal, the burns are deathly, and the pain is immense.

You must also ensure checking of gas leakages at regular intervals. If your burner system has become rusty in places, call for professional help and get that area treated as it could be some small issue that leads to something big, like an explosion. One needs to be cautious of the unusual gas odor too which can be due to the leakage.

Gas Stove Burners

Another tip is to cook carefully. A gas stove can heat up quickly and result in burnt food or spillage of liquids. Milk or oil, if heated carelessly rises and spills all over. This can be just the start of a situation that can result in a bigger accident. Things like oil and fat when heated more than required can result in fire. So it is your responsibility to be a careful cook and not burn anything that is an ingredient to result in an accident. Keeping the area of the gas stove clean is also important as the flame can catch up with spilled food or other smaller food particles lying around which can cause dangerous flaring fire.

Every kitchen has a gas stove, but it is extremely necessary to use it with care and watchfulness. Installing a carbon monoxide detector in the home can also be helpful as it is helpful in raising an alarm, if carbon monoxide in the area goes higher than a prescribed level. To know more about gas stove click here.


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