Easy Tips To Clean Window Curtains

Curtains cover the windows from sunlight and dust and also create a soothing effect for the entire room. Window curtains prevent outsiders from seeing what is happening inside the house too. Curtains are indeed a good investment as a part of the home decor. So, it is important to care for this investment.

The curtains are exposed to sunlight, wind and dust, so they tend to get dirty and need regular cleaning. Mostly the curtains are washed. Depending on the color and material of the curtains, you need to give it a cold wash or a hot wash. While some people prefer to hand wash them owing to the delicate nature of the fabric others go for machine wash, if the window curtains are thick.

Window Curtains For Bed

They can be either machine dried or hung in lawns for natural drying process. It is advisable to let the curtains not dry out completely, if you are letting them dry in the sun. This causes wrinkles in the curtains and eventually you need to put extra effort to get rid of these wrinkles while ironing.

There are other ways of cleaning curtains that do not involve the hassle of washing. Some people prefer dusting them off. You must dust them from the top and make your way to the bottom. Vacuuming is yet another option that sucks in all the dirt and dust from the window curtains. You can spray a cleaner on the curtains before vacuuming them for a better clean up. Try using a lint brush to get the drapes clean. Some people use a damp cloth to rub over the curtains while they are still hung. This gets the dirt off the curtains with ease. It is important to properly clean the hems and the folds so that these areas do not stay dirty.

These are some of the common tips that you can follow while cleaning the curtains hung on your windows. You can use each method once to understand what suits you well and for more click here.


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