How To Install And Maintain Concrete Pavers

If you are looking for ways of adding a wow factor to your garden, try pavers. You can either get some professionals to install the pavers, or you can try doing it yourself. Installing concrete pavers involves a lot of effort. You must mark the areas where you wish to install these concrete slabs and then dig the area about six inches deep. Mix mortar and concrete and put ample amount of this mixture in the areas where these slabs will be placed. Then cover these areas with extra mortar. Now bring over the concrete slabs and carefully place them on the mortar so that they are set in the mixture.


concrete pavers

Once the slabs are in place, you need to check that the paving is properly leveled. Place the slabs in such a manner they are slightly sloped towards the garden and not the house. This will allow water to flow out into the garden in case of rains. This is to be done before the mortar mixture dries up. Take a small wooden wedge and slide it under one side of the slab. You can either set the concrete pavers to give them a beveled look or you can set them inside within the mortar perimeter. The space between two pavers should be equal. Let them dry overnight and try not to step over the pavers or apply any force on them.


concrete pavers designs

You need to follow a few rules to maintain these pavers. Clean them with brush and water and keep extra pavers in stock so that you can replace any damaged paver immediately. Often weeds grow between pavers; so keep checking for these growths and get rid of them, if you find any. If you have spilled oil on the pavers, clean them immediately. Oil can penetrate inside a paver and damage it too. You must not use a sealant to give a matte finish to the pavers. Often a white chalky substance appears on the pavers. This is actually the residue of the paver itself. Clean it as soon as you see it, because this residue is a result of the erosion of concrete pavers. Pavers look beautiful, if installed and maintained properly.

To know more about concrete pavers click here.


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