Uses And Cleaning Tips For Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are basically window coverings which are usually found in the inside of the windows. It helps to block the external light from entering the rooms and also prevent views from the inside of homes and buildings. There are various types of Venetian blinds available today which include wooden, plastic, and vertical blinds.

Use of Venetian Blinds:

Most of the venetian blinds are made of vinyl or metal. These blinds are slated blinds which include a number of long horizontal strips attached to a string. The metal or plastic piece can be turned to allow light to pass through them. It can also be turned flat to block the light from outside. A string can be used to raise the blinds and to remove them entirely from the window. The Venetian blinds were created in the 18th century near Venice in Italy.


venetian blinds

In addition to reducing the effects of heat in your rooms, the Venetian blinds are known to be the most economical methods of dressing your windows. It is quite easy to use and maintain these window blinds. These blinds also provide many options of controlling the amount of light in your homes and offices.

Tips To Clean Venetian Blinds:

It is quite important to clean and maintain these blinds regularly as it can be a hub of dirt and grime, depending to its locations. It can be cleaned both from the outside and inside. To clean it from inside, you will require a cleaning liquid, bath tub, soft scrub brush and old towels.

First fill the tub with warm water and soap. Remove all the blinds from the window but keep the hardware intact. Place one blind at a time in the bath tub filled with soapy warm water. Soak it for fifteen minutes and then scrub the binds using a soft scrub brush and clean it to remove the dirt and grime. Scrub again after flipping the blinds to the other side. Drain all the dirty water and use a hand shower to rinse the blinds again.

Hang the blinds on the side of the tub so that the excess water is drained. You can also use a hair dryer to dry the blinds. Re-hang the blinds after drying it with a towel and also know more about venetian blinds visit here.


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