Tips To Buy Suitable Bed Sheets And Care Tips

Beds need to be cozy and comfortable as we tend to spend one third of our lives sleeping or resting on our beds. Beds need to be covered with proper and clean bed sheets to obtain a refreshing and replenishing sleep. But it is important to buy the right type of bedsheets to cover your beds.

Choose Right Fabric: Different types of bed sheets are available today which are made of different types of fabrics such as cotton, satin, silk and polyester. Cotton bed sheets are comfortable and natural. It seldom causes any type of skin irritations. Bed sheets made of organic cotton material are even more comfortable and safe for the skin. Silk and satin bedsheets are elegant and expensive. It exudes a sense of opulence with its soft feel. Polyester sheets are also available in different colors and prints.

Bed Sheets

Label of The Packages: Bed sheets need to be chosen according to the thread count of the sheets. If the thread count is high, the material of the sheet is soft.

Measurement of The Bed: Before buying sheets, it is essential to check the measurement of the bed as there are different types of sheets available today. There are different sizes which include the King size, queen size, double and twin sheets available for different types of beds. There are deep pocket fitted sheets for thick mattresses.

Bed Straps: It is also important to buy bed sheet straps while purchasing bed sheets so that it can be strapped onto the bed to keep the sheets from falling off.

cotton bed sheets

Types of Sheets: It is wise to choose bed sheets according to the seasons. Flannel sheets are appropriate for winters where as cotton sheets are ideal for summer seasons.

How to Wash Bed Sheets:

It is important to wash bed sheets according to the washing instructions mentioned on the label. Most of the sheets can be washed at home in washing machines but special fabrics require proper care.

Wash dark colored sheets separately in warm water. Hot water can be used for cotton sheets to kill the germs and dust mites. Dry your bed sheets in the sun as it is a natural disinfectant. Know more about bed sheets click here.


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