Important Features And Properties of Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing

A hybrid ceramic ball bearing is basically a precision bearing in which one or all of the elements are made of ceramic material such as silicon nitrate. Silicon nitrate includes ceramic material and highly processed silica which is highly resilient to high temperature. It is therefore mainly used for space shuttles as it can withstand very high temperature. Compared to the traditional steel ball bearings, the ceramic ball bearings are superior.

Important Properties:

Highly Resilient: These ceramic ball bearings are highly resilient to hot temperatures.

Natural Insulator: Ceramic ball bearings include natural insulating properties and as a result it is long lasting and reliable. Due to its high insulating properties, it is used to design electric motors.

Ceramic Ball Bearing

Less Maintenance: As these ball bearings are less vulnerable to adhesive wear, the lubricants and components tend to last for a long period of time. It therefore requires less maintenance and service repairs.

Corrosion Resistant: As hybrid ball bearings contain silicon nitrate, it is unaffected by common corrosive agents. It is therefore suited for hot corrosive atmosphere.

High Hardness: The hardness of silicon nitrate is more in comparison to the steel ball bearings. Therefore it offers excellent wear resistance.

Increased Durability: Today the hybrid ceramic ball bearings are manufactured with better grain structure and purity. It therefore tends to last longer than the steel ball bearing.

Important Applications and Uses:

The hybrid ceramic ball bearings are mainly used for motor racing, motorcycle racing and so forth. Due to its tensile nature, it can be used in adverse conditions. It is used in most of the motorcycle races and car races.

Stainless Steel Ball Bearing

The ceramic ball bearings are also used in medical equipments such as X-ray tubes, dental drills and centrifuges. It is also widely used in generators, electric motors, robotics, automotive, heavy equipment, textile machines, and food processing equipments, wood working machines and so forth.

Ceramic ball bearings are widely used in aircraft industry for aircraft accessories. It is used for satellites, radar, gearbox, generators, weapon systems and gyros. It also finds wide application in various machine tools such as milling tools, grinding and boring tools.


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