Nutritional Value of Rice Bran Oil

The oil extracted from the husk and germ of rice is called rice bran oil. It has a mild taste that adds flavour to food cooked at high temperature and high pressure. Therefore this oil is commonly used in Asian cooking.

Nutrition Value:
This oil is rich in vitamin E complex, Tocopherol, Tocotrienol and similar micro nutrients. It also contains an anti-oxidant named gamma-oryzanol. The oil also contains 33% polyunsaturated fat.

Nutrition Facts

This is the fatty acid content that is essential for a normal body. It also has 47% mono saturated fat content and 20% saturated fat. This is the unique selling proposition of the oil as the composition is in accordance with the recommendation of AHA or American Heart Association.

Health Benefits:
Food cooked in this oil absorbs less oil making the food less oily and reducing the calorie content. The boiling point of the oil is pretty high and therefore does not smoke easily. In this way, the food does not burn. The aroma of the food does not get destroyed in this way.

Schematic flow diagram of SC-CO2 extraction of rice bran oil

Restaurants, bakeries and eateries use this oil extensively due to its cooking benefits. Studies have proved that this oil helps to control cholesterol level and help the liver enzymes to function better. This enables to flush out toxins from our body. The oil has an optimum combination of fatty acids. Though most people stay away from food with fat content, it is important to consume certain amount of fat in the food. Fatty acids provide the nutritional benefits that every human body requires.

Serving Facts Rice Bran Oil

Many people reduce the intake of oil as they are concerned about the cholesterol content. But with the intake of rice bran oil, the cholesterol content stays under control. The heart also stays healthy in this way and this increases the life of people. This oil has a long shelf life and that is the reason why many people use it.

All these health benefits indicate that the usage of rice bran oil is a smart and healthy option. To know rice bran oil click here.


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