Zoom Lenses versus Fixed Optical Lens

Lens is the most important part in a digital camera. There is a fixed lens in each camera and most digital cameras come with a zoom lens. Let us understand the difference between the two lenses.

Zoom lens is what makes a digital camera the most used in today’s world. It allows people to photograph things that are otherwise distant from the photographer. Photographers can zoom in and zoom out as per their requirement. These lenses prove useful not only for still photography but also for movie recording. There are various types of optical lenses that allow the scene to be zoomed differently.

The basic models have a 4X zoom while the high range cameras have up to 24X zoom or more. Zoom offers flexibility of photography. But there is also a flip side to using zoom lens. As long as you are shooting pictures in the basic view the picture quality is clear and distinct. But as you zoom in, the image starts to pixelate and the picture quality can be affected.

omega optical lens

A fixed optical lens is employed to take shots only at fixed angles and from a fixed distance. A zoom lens can be used in many situations to take pictures. But the picture quality that a fixed lens can bring is unparallel. This lens has only one focal length, which is between 28mm and 35 mm. It implies that the lens is made to capture images from only that length. Since the focal length of an optical lens is fixed, the focus on the objects and the details is higher. This makes the picture sharper and clearer.

There is no diversion and unlike zoom lens photography, the focus is on the entire area. In zoom lens, at times, the focus is on different objects. This makes the object sharp and the background blurred. Sometimes due to wrong focus, the background appears to be sharp and the object in front becomes fuzzy.

Optical Lens

So, the fact is that at different times, different optical lens should be used. Zoom lens needs dexterity and fixed lens needs ideas to make beautiful photographs. Nevertheless, they are peers and have found widespread usage among people.


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