Tips To Operate Clamp Meter Properly With Safety

When you need to measure the electrical voltage and current of an electrical gadget without opening the access panel, it is best to use a clamp multi meter. While most people open the wiring of the gadget to do the measurement, no one can deny that it is quite hazardous. This multi meter is a safe option while measuring AC current. This device surrounds the wire and uses the magnetic field in determining the current flow. However, it is important to know the method of using this device.

Before measuring the current, turn on the clamp meter and set it in a way so that it can measure the AC current. Now you must power from the circuit for which you will measure the current flow. Working with a circuit that has a constant current flow can cause problems. Of all the wires present, isolate the wire that is your primary target. To put it simply, identify and isolate the wire whose current flow needs to be measured. Open the clamp part of the meter and wind it around the isolated wire.

Digital Clamp Meter

Once you have made a contact between the clamp meter and the wire, set the meter in a way to read the type of current passing and also the range in which the current is expected to be. If you do not have an idea about the probable range, you can set a high range and depending on the reading, you can dial it down. Once all of it is set, it is time to connect the circuit to a power source. Only when you have connected it to the power source, will the readings be recorded. The readings are displayed digitally. To record them, you can note them down. It has often been seen that the reading fluctuates when current passes through the circuit. If this happens, wait for a minute or two so that the fluctuations subside and there is a steady flow of current.

These tips and thumb rules need to be followed in order to handle a clamp meter properly. This device helps a great deal to measure the current safely. To know more information about clamp meter click here.


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