Maintenance and Cleaning of Cane Furniture

Furniture made of cane can add an ethnic touch to the home decor, but also pose a few problems. Though these are problems are not grave and severe, yet they need to be dealt with carefully. Let us understand the problems and the solutions for them.

Cane furniture products are made of cane strands bound together. Often these strands sag and weaken making the furniture breakable. The cane strands can split resulting in breakage. Cane can not tolerate dry or humid weather and becomes brittle or moist resulting in weakening of the furniture. During such times, it attracts dirt and mildew that can aggravate the problem.

Cane Furniture

In spite of these problems there are a few measures that can be taken to avoid such issues. Proper maintenance can increase the life of cane furniture:

• When cane strands start sagging, place a warm moist cloth under them and let them dry on their own. This will help the sagging strands to get back to its original shape. However, take care to not let anyone sit on the chair till it dries completely.

• Clean the cane furniture regularly so that dirt, dust, water and moisture do not accumulate on it. These agents weaken the furniture. Also, do not let food crumbs accumulate on them.

• If you notice fungus or mildew on the furniture, clean it immediately. Add a few drops of detergent to a litre of water and with the help of a bristled brush scrub the affected areas.


Cane Furniture

• You may also notice broken strands in the furniture. The only way to mend them is by re-weaving the entire piece. The tradition weaving method works best.

• When cane strands break, they leave sharp edges. Use a sand paper to make it smooth so that it does not get in the way of people using it.

• Due to continuous use and cleaning, the furniture may fade in colour. You can use oil based dye to bring back the colour. Fading can also occur, if the furniture is left in the sun for a long time. So try not to expose the furniture in the sun for long.

A little care can help you maintain cane furniture for a long time. To know more click here.


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