Understanding The Advantages of Solar Roof Tiles

Solar roof tiles, also known as roof shingles are an alternative to the popular solar panels. They appear similar to ordinary roof tiles but come with a layering of photovoltaic cells. These cells function to convert the sunlight falling on them into electricity. These are designed by arranging solar cells made from silicon or cadmium telluride into flat metal plates which are interlaced with conductive wires. A layering with a semi conductive material is added to these thin film sheets. Since the overlaying material is not more than a few microns thick, the tiles remain flexible and can be adapted into a variety of shapes.

One of the biggest advantages of using solar roof tiles is that they can function efficiently even in places situated along the northern latitudes as these do not require direct sunlight to produce electricity and can generate electricity by receiving daylight even on cloudy days.

Solar Roof Tiles

There are several other advantages of using solar roof tiles are many, some of which are highlighted below:

Cost Saving Option: For starters, the house is converted into an electricity generator, ensuring freedom from the burden of ever mounting electricity bills.

Eco Friendly: There is no heat production, as in the case of solar panels. Neither is there any emission of greenhouse gases, making solar roof tiles an ecologically harmless energy product.

Aesthetically Good: Solar tiles add to the aesthetics of the building rather than stand out as a bulky addition to the house as solar panels do. Looking just as standard roof tiles do, they can be integrated with existing tiles as they have an excellent interlocking system and blend in perfectly.

Solar Roof Tiles

Value for Money: Solar roofing results in value addition to the property. The initial investment including the cost of installation, which is lower in the case of roof tiles as compared to that of solar panels, can be well made up later, both in terms of a considerable reduction in heating and electricity charges as well as in the time of selling the property. In many areas, the government also grants rebates to for investing in solar roof tiles.

Convenient: Photovoltaic technology in the form of roof shingles can conveniently be applied in both private and commercial buildings.

Thus, these tiles not only offers pleasant look to your roof top, but also delivers a host of advantages. To know more about solar roof tiles click here.


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