Uses of Cold Storage For Various Businesses

Cold storage is imperative for businesses where goods sold are of perishable nature or have a shorter shelf life. It is also important to have this system, if the product needs storage at some specific temperature for remaining in good condition. Used for storing goods for longer periods, this preservation system helps to protect goods from extreme temperature fluctuations. This in turn makes it easy to effectively meet the ever changing supply and demand conditions. Extreme heat and moisture can cause damage to the products, thereby affecting the business. So a planned adoption of cold storage and refrigeration techniques is needed to run business beneficially.

It is very useful for agricultural sector, where fruits, vegetables and food grains are produced on a large. Fruits and vegetables are perishable in nature. They can spoil if kept in open due to high temperatures during summer and due to moisture during rains. Various types of fruits and vegetables require different degree of temperature for preservation. Further they require protection from moisture also. Accordingly, cold storages are designed with various compartments each maintaining a different degree of temperature and is highly protected and sealed. By using such a cold storage, fruits and vegetables are preserved from getting rotten.

Cold Storage

The non-vegetarian food trading industry also is highly benefited from this system. Those trading in fish, mutton, chicken and eggs are required to keep their stock in refrigerated conditions for maintaining freshness and keep their quality intact. Small retailers can maintain their stock in refrigerators. But whole sale dealers require extensive refrigerated storage facility to have enough stock.

Diary product industry also requires elaborate cold storage and refrigerating system to maintain their stock. Milk gets destroyed very easily within hours in summers because of high temperatures. So bulk storages of milk require cold storage facilities to keep protected from heat. Other products like curd, flavoured milk also require protection from heat so as to remain fresh. Some dairy products like chocolates, ice creams, cheese, butter etc. are stored in cold storage so that they do not melt.

Other beneficiaries of this system include cold drinks industry, fruit juice and bottled food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical etc. For chemical industry, insulin and some injections are required to be stored at very low temperatures.

Besides, the main purpose of providing storage facility, the cold storages are also useful in protecting the interests of producers and consumers. Thus cold storage system facilitates supply and demand meets. To know more about cold storage click here.


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