Advantages of Biodegradable Plastic

Biodegradable plastic, as its name suggests, is capable of biologically decomposing itself into its base compounds of water, carbon dioxide and biomass over a period of time. This plastic is environment friendly, hence is being now widely used as a solution for the ever increasing pollution problem across the globe.

Conventional plastic, which is a petrochemical based product, is not easily absorbed by nature. When dumped on earth, it prevents passage of water and air into soil thereby reducing fertility of soil. Even after destruction, it leaves a reminiscent layer on earth which is insoluble.

biodegradable plastic life cycle

But biodegradable plastic is not a product of petrochemicals. It is made from agricultural and animal resources like starch, cellulose, casein, collagen etc. which are easily absorbable. When such plastic gets buried under soil, it gradually gets decomposed on its own into gases and water and disappears from the place after a short period of time. It does not leave any residual layer on the soil as well. So, biodegradable plastic is a better solution for environmental protection and pollution control.

biodegradable plastic

There are many doubts regarding the feasibility of the use of biodegradable plastic like the high cost factor and requirement of space for composting. Even then, the usage of biodegradable plastic can be considered as beneficial and good for many reasons some of which are summed up below.

It is not a product of petrochemical and does not contain any element of chemicals, hence is eco-friendly.

• It is decomposable into its natural elements which mean it returns to nature easily.
• It gives us all the uses of other conventional plastic.
• Production of biodegradable plastic requires less energy.
• Its use decreases import of petroleum products as biodegradable plastic does not require petroleum for its composition unlike conventional plastic.
• Even when animals consume these plastic bags, it is not harmful because of being produced from natural elements.
• When this plastic gets littered around the streets due to carelessness or gets blown away by winds, you need not get worried because it as the decomposition easily takes place within some weeks.


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