Uses and Dangers of Talcum Powder in Your Life

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of using talcum powder. But people continue using talcum powder for personal hygiene as its benefits are by far more as compared to its disadvantages. Talcum powder is widely used for adults as well as for babies.

The most important advantage of talcum powder is that it absorbs moisture and keeps the body dry and fresh. Due to this, it is widely used for applying on face and body. By removing the sweat and moisture from body, it makes one feel comfortable. Another benefit is that it reduces friction and prevents from occurrence of rashes. This is why it is applied to babies before changing diapers. Adults also use talcum powder in inner thigh portion and under arms to protect from moisture and friction. It gives them the feeling of freshness, since talcum powder is available with different fragrances.

Talcum powders are now produced in different types to suit different purposes. For summer usage, there is cool talcum powder, which gives a sense of coolness when applied over the body. You are able to get immediate relief from heat and a feeling of freshness by applying it. Again there is the prickly heat powder, which is used for getting relief from prickles developed on your body by excessive heat and exposure to sun.

Talcum Powder

Markets are flooded with talcum powders with different fragrances to suit different tastes of people. You can get talcum powder with rose flavour, jasmine flavour, lemon flavour, sandalwood flavour and many others. These fragrances are mainly used to do away with smell of sweat and maintaining freshness while participating in functions or gatherings.

talcum powder

Talcum powder or talc is also used in pharmaceuticals for protection from moisture. Other areas of use of talcum powder include pesticides, deodorants, crayons, chalks, textiles, soaps, insulating materials, paints, paper and food processing in which a very small quantity of talc is added.

The disadvantage of talcum powder is that it is likely to promote cancer symptoms in people. Various studies reveal that constant use and inhalation of talcum powder causes lung cancer, ovary cancer and skin diseases. But on the whole, talcum powders are very useful and beneficial in daily use.


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