Difference between Cold Saw and Band Saw

Even though cold saw and band saw are both useful for cutting different types of materials, there are a lot of differences between them in their structure, functioning style and capabilities. Some of them are detailed below.

Structural Differences:
A cold saw contains resharpenable circular teeth for cutting process where as a band saw is made of a flat continuous band of metal teeth usually riding on two wheels. Band saws are either horizontal or vertical and fixed to a table.

Cold Saw

Cold saw blades are made up of high speed steel or tungsten carbide tipped jaws and are supported with an electric motor and gear reduction unit to control speed. Band saws are of ordinary metal or stainless steel blades. Cold saws are mostly portable and hand held machines whereas band saws are of fixed type usually mounted on a table.

Functioning Style:
Cold saws rotate the teeth circularly with high speed and velocity piercing into the metal and making the cuts very quick. The material to be cut is held fastened and the saw moves on it. But a band saw is not movable and the material to be cut is placed underneath it by lifting the blade for making cutting possible. The band saw blade moves up and down in case of vertical type and from one side to the other side in case of horizontal type. The material is moved in different directions according to the shape of the cut required. Band saw enables cuts of different shapes possible by moving the material according to the shape of cut required which is not possible in case of cold saw cuttings.

Band Saw

Differences in Capabilities:
Cold saw generally works with high speed and is capable of rotating at a velocity of 5000 to 15000 feet per minute. But band saw generally works with a comparatively low speed velocity of up to 5000 feet only per minute. Cold saw cuts very perfectly and accurately and with minimum wastage of material. But band saw cutting is not so perfect and accurate in finishing. Metals cut with band saw may lose their coatings because band saw teeth get too much heated during the cutting process. The cold saw is more economical as it functions with high efficiency. The blades of cold saw are not prone to wear and tear quickly, while band saw’s blade teeth get often damaged during use.

On the whole, both cold saw and band saws are useful in their own way. To know more about cold saw click here.


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