Brush Cutter – Safety And Maintenance Tips

If you have a garden, farm or vegetation property, brush cutters are a necessity for you. The heavy duty brush cutters are mounted on the front of the diggers or carts. Markets are generally flooded with manual brush cutters. Instruction manuals provided along with the machine provides the details usage procedure. Using a brush cutter can only be effective, if the hold is strong and comfortable and the cutter is properly maintained.

Using a brush cutter calls for some safety measures, check them below:

Brush Cutter
• Wear safety goggles or mask as pieces of debris can get back to you.
• Avoid accidents by keeping the cutter at a safe distance when not in use.
• Stop immediately, if you are unable to cut through, and check the blade or cord.
• Never run brush cutters indoors as the fumes produced are toxic.
• Arrange for fire exhausts while using this machine. Keep away inflammable things while using it.
• Wear close fitting pants to avoid tangling with the cutter. Prefer working in daylight with concentration.
• Read the manual carefully and check the cutting area for glass, pieces of metal, stones or objects that can damage the cutting tool.

Maintenance of a Brush Cutter:
For extended durability, take care of your brush cutter as stated below:
• Clean the machine after every use and check that the harness is not damaged.
• The throttle should be locked immediately after use and the functioning should be checked every time.
• The cutting head should not have dents and should not rotate while it’s idle.
• Clean and change the air filter at regular intervals. Same is applicable to the protection shield.
• The blade should be positioned centrally. Wrong positions create vibrations that can damage the machine.
• Check that all nuts, screws, cables and connections are tightly set.

Proper usage and maintenance of a brush cutter assures a clean and well stripped garden or lawn. The best part is that you can use it yourself once the mechanism is understood properly. To know more about brush cutter click here.


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