Tips To Select And Maintenance Of Bathroom Tiles

With more and more value being given to home aesthetics and interior decor, people prefer to decorate bathrooms luxuriously. Bathrooms also need to be cleaned thoroughly to maintain the hygiene of the entire family. A well maintained bathroom makes a good impression on the visiting guests. The main part of your bathrooms decor depends on bathroom tiles and fittings that you choose.

Selecting Bathroom Tiles:
Bathroom tiles design is the catchiest part of the bathroom. The type of tile that you choose becomes the focus point on which the designs of all the other attachments and fittings of the bathroom are structured. One can select from a plethora of tile designs available in the market and arrange them artistically to enhance the beauty of bathroom.

Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles

Do not choose bathroom tiles just on the basis of their attractiveness. Check and ensure whether they are durable, non-slippery and of good quality. Go for ceramic tiles as they are water resistant, slip resistant, cost effective and durable too. They do not require high maintenance, the regular soap scum and detergent do not affect their shine of ceramic bathroom tiles. Such tiles can withstand the humidity continuously present in the moist atmosphere of a bathroom.

Cleaning Bathroom Tiles:
Cleaning bathroom tiles requires little bit of effort. But, if you have the right cleaning solutions, cleaning becomes easier and more effective. Below mentioned points will help you with bathroom tiles cleaning process.

• Usually ordinary cleaning detergent is not enough to get rid of some of the more stubborn stains, so you can use a cleaning solution which contains some bleach, water softener and regular water.

• If you need to use harsher detergents, use them carefully as they may be harmful to your health and also hazardous to the environment. In this case, just pour the detergent on the dirt affected area and leave it to rest for some hours. After that, scrub the place clean and then rinse it well.

• Always remember to wear protective gear while cleaning bathroom area as the chemicals and fumes generated from them are extremely harmful rubber gloves and a face mask should suffice.


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