Things To Know While Buying Solar Battery Chargers

With increasing focus on eco friendly ways of living, solar chargers have an increasing demand. While purchasing solar battery chargers, you need to be cautious and careful about some important factors. Many types of solar chargers are available in the market with low charging capacity and defective qualities. So it is important to discern a good charger from a bad one based on its quality, wattage, durability, weight and manufacturer.

Solar chargers come in wide range of capacities. A good charger may be a bit costlier, but would give you a prolonged service. Normally a portable simple solar battery charger is good enough for meeting day to day requirements of recharging of batteries of cars, mobile phones, laptops, emergency flash lights and other electrical gadgets. Huge solar charger panels which are placed on roof tops of buildings for huge power requirements are also available for heavy charging requirements.

Solar Battery Charger

Solar Battery Charger

Choose the solar charger depending on Ah charging capacity requirement. For example if you need to charge a car battery of 100 Ah, it may take more than 10 hours to charge the car battery, if you purchase a solar battery charger of 10 Ah. Different battery chargers with varying capacities are fit for charging from 12 volt power capacity to 48 volt power capacity. A battery of 12 volt power normally requires 14 to 18 volt power to charge it. You can expect the price of a higher capacity charger to be higher too.

Buying solar charger with a charge controller facility is a good thing, so that batteries are not over charged. Buy a battery charger which has the feature of charging in dim light and night time too. Solar chargers with advanced technology have capacity to store the solar power that is being drawn during day time and use that stored power for charging batteries when power is low. This feature can help you at times of emergency.

Buying small pocket holding type solar battery charger can also serve in handy for emergency support. It can help in temporary charging the battery of mobile phones, emergency lights and other electrical appliances.


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