Common Harmful Ingredients In Face Creams

When it comes to face cream, you need to be more cautious while making a choice. As anti-aging and skin care products contain several compounds and chemicals which might cause damage to your skin in spite of doing any good. Companies spend a lot of money in advertising their products and hence claiming their product as the best. But they are only best in damaging your skin. Most of these skin creams are very expensive and at the same time they are harmful for your skin. So next time if you are going to buy a face cream, take some time in reading the ingredients. Check if they contain any of the following chemicals:

* Parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl, butyl)                                                                           Propylene Glycol
* Mineral Oil/Petroleum Derivatives
* Petrolatum
* Artificial Fragrances
* Propylene Glycol
* Lanolin
* Glycerin
* Animal Collagens
* Artificial Coloring

These are some of the harmful chemicals and additives used in creams. There are many more chemicals other than these. Though they are very harmful for body but still they are used in creams. Here comes the question why companies use them if they are so harmful And the answer is, these chemicals are easily available at cheap rates to skin care companies. So companies prefer to use cheap additives instead of using expensive ones to keep their profit graph up.

The best face cream must not contain parabens, preservative used for increasing the life of cream but make a woman more prone to breast cancer. Mineral oils and petroleum products are used in all the lotions. Eye cream, wrinkle cream, sunscreen lotion, they all have one thing in common. They lock in the moisture and give you a feel of smooth skin. But the fact is these creams suck the moisture from skin and deposit it to the surface of skin, thereby blocking the way for skin to breathe. As a result of which toxins get deposited, pores get blocked and irritation starts taking root.

Artificial fragrances also tend to cause severe reactions such as breathing problems, body rashes, painful burns, swelling and peeling. Propylene Glycol is an important ingredient of all deodorants and acne creams and is also a key ingredient in brake fluid and antifreeze.

So, do not just become a fool in the hands of skin care companies and go into the lap of nature. That will always keep you protected forever.


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