Tips To Buy Franking Machine

Franking machine can become an important part of your business. Here are some of the guidelines which you should follow before making your selection.

First and foremost consideration is your budget, next is the availability of space at your facility and last one is to carry out an audit of your postage requirements to better understand your business needs. The most common features of franking machines are: it’s ability to include logos and advertising machines, generating different codes for various cost centres to get accurate accounting, separate scales, envelope sealers and mail feeders. The cost will keep increasing with additional features. So, make a choice based on your requirement only. Size of letter or parcel which you want to send through the machine also matters a lot.

There are some other important points of consideration before buying a franking machine. These are:

Franking Machine

Franking Machine

* Ink cartridge Pricing & how long they last. (Listen to salesman properly as the information given by salesman and manufacturer can differ.)
* Royal Postage price rate updates
* ‘Top Up’ Fees.
* Maintenance and service charges, onsite or return to base.
* Logo / Slogan costs.
* Delivered or installed.
* Label Costs.
* Are the suppliers Royal Mail approved suppliers and maintainers.

Benefits Of Franking Machine:

Royal mail has given a big discount in the last two years to encourage more businesses to use franking machine. It is beneficial to companies sending small number of mails also; franking machine can bring down the cost incurred on mail room.

Franked mails would create a professional image of your business in the eyes of your customers and business partners. You can advertise your business by sending new offers, promotions and new services. You can also create customized stamps having your company logo.

Through franking machine you do not need to get confused over the exact weight of your postage. You just need to dial in your postage in the machine and frank it and you will get the correct postage. It will save you from under stamping also which often causes a trouble to your customers.

You do not have to run to post offices to send your mail. Even when post office is closed, you can mail your postage in fractions of seconds. It is very convenient to use and saves a lot of time.

Franking machine keeps a complete record of your postage costs, so companies can easily claim for their tax return. With a franking machine, you can save a lot for your business to grow further.


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