Build A Simple Computer Desk And Tips To Repair

Now a days, as we all know computer is like oxygen to us.We can do numerous things on computer just by sitting at one side. So,lets make that side interesting by making computer cabinet.

Having a basic idea, lets get started to make computer cabinet. For that, two inch thick wood pieces for top of desk, keyboard tray, wood glue and stain, sand paper, power drill and screw driver bits, level, pencil, ruler, brushes for wood varnish, L brackets, carriage bolts, and locking nuts, keyboard runners, scrap wood for bracing the legs.

computer cabinet

For designing perspective, this is very easy procedure. There is a top, a place for the keyboard and legs. The main thing that will differ between the two is the size of the desk. For printer, then it will need to be fairly large. Make computer cabinet  bigger than the space that it will be placed in.

Cut the wood to the size as you per your requirement. Cut the legs from the wooden plank and make sure level of legs are properly placed to floor. Make sure that the keyboard desk is wide enough to reach both ends of the desk so that the runners will fit properly. Sand all of the wood pieces until smooth. Attach the legs of the desk to the top using L brackets and carriage bolts and the locking nuts. It is likely that they will wobble at this point.

If so, then measure the space diagonally between the table top and the legs, and use scrap pieces of wood to reach across that distance to anchor the legs more firmly. Screw the scrap pieces in tightly. Use the smaller plank of wood and attach the keyboard sliders. Screw them in tightly. If desired, screw a small piece of wood to the back of the drawer so that the keyboard cannot fall off. Attach the other side of the sliders to the desk legs. Make sure you attach the drawer at a comfortable height for sitting at the desk.Use a damp rag to stain the wood in a circular motion, going along with the grain. When it dries, apply the varnish with a paint brush and keep it to dry.

Also, maintenance of computer cabinet is very important because we are becoming dependent on it for every personal and professional task. Organizing cables of keyboard, mouse, monitor, cpu, ups and printer can be a great start. Using network installation, cables will do wonders for helping to organize desk. Also, wireless devices can help in this regard. Arranging stationary on the desk can be more comfortable. Perform timely virus and anti-spyware scans to keep your system safe from any malicious information. Clean hard disk and fix boot problems. Safety will improve efficiency and productivity.


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