A Brief About Uses Of Hydrochloric Acid

Hydrochloric Acid is a clear solution (spirits of salt) of hydrogen chloride in water. It is one of important chemicals available in the market, mainly used for cleaning purposes among households and for various wide purposes in the industry. The acid can be obtained from any store where hardware or pool supplies are available.

Oil well acidization is one of the most remarkable uses of hydrochloric acid besides leather processing and building construction. The mining of deep underground well reserves is also possible through the use of this acid, by which rock layers underneath are softened and the drilling becomes easier. It is also used for manufacturing corn syrups, lysine and artificial sweeteners in the food industry. The acid also helps in the digestion process and is thus, a common ingredient of various pharmaceutical products.

hydrogen chloride

Hydrogen chloride (HCl) is in a gaseous state and can only be used when dissolved in water. It is mostly available in plastic bottles, is also scientifically known by the name of muriatic acid. The muriatic acid is generally used in the cleaning of toilet tiles and bows. Its unadulterated form is colorless. You must be wondering why the hydrochloric acid available at hardware stores has a brownish or yellowish tinge. This is because they have iron impurities inside the solution.

In the industrial sector, HCl is widely used to process metal ores for treating swimming pools. It also plays a pivotal role in water deionization process, in that it recharges ion exchange resin bed for restoration of the efficiency of resin beds.

A majority of chemical providers in the industry are engaged into manufacturing of the hydrochloric acid and subsequent distribution to several companies. Therefore, at the same time, you ought to be careful to choose the right chemical company that focuses on both selling the right chemical products as well as on quality packaging and labeling.

Hydrochloric acid, being a hazardous compound, should have instructions on its bottle for purchase, which indicates about its features and precautions to be taken in terms of storage and handling to the buyers and manufacturers coming into contact with such products.


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