Do You Know Hot Cocoa Is Healthier Than Hot Chocolate

There is a misconception among most of the people that hot cocoa and hot chocolate are one of the same thing. But actually there is a surprising difference between both the beverages. Hot chocolate is just like grounded candy having milk solids. They contain sugar and artificial flavours of chocolates. Contrary to which hot cocoa consist of healthy antioxidants as well as other nutrients. You can use it as a health drink by removing cocoa butter to make cocoa powder and then mixing some sugar and fat into it. So, if given a choice to make a selection between any of these two beverages, always prefer cocoa.

Hot cocoa has been into existence since a very long time. It can be one of the best antioxidant beverages with an amazing taste. There was an ancient drink named Chocolate which consisted of cocoa beans, water and spices and it was very prominent among aristocrats.

Coca Powder

Do not make a poor choice by selecting hot chocolate when you have an option of delicious and healthy cocoa. You can make a start from cocoa powder. Bitter in taste and dark brown in colour are the key features of best quality cocoa powder. You can make your own cocoa drink by adding dark cocoa powder in hot water and can enjoy the drink with delicious taste. People who are allergic to lactose can use other substitutes of milk like soy milk, coconut milk or rice milk. You can add some sugar or honey to make it sweet in taste.

There are many bioactive compounds in cocoa which gives it strength to lessen your pain, make you more alert and give you a feeling of fitness. It has compounds like Tryptophan which reduces anxiety and compound named endorphin reduces pain.

Food Scientists from Cornell University claimed that they discovers twice the volume of antioxidants found in red wine and thrice the volume found in green tea.

Hot cocoa beverage provides more antioxidants than simple chocolate candies or hot chocolate beverage. Heat allows antioxidants to play their role more actively.

Now when your kids demand hot chocolate, give them organic hot cocoa. Do not waste your hard earned money on artificial chocolates which will further bring down their health. Say no to hot chocolate and make cocoa a part of your life to get a healthy body and mind.

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