How Biodegradable Plastics Can Be Beneficial To Environment

As the use of plastics is increasing day by day, biodegradable plastic is a good option which can replace use of plastics in long run. The term biodegradable is used for those products which can decompose in natural environments. There are various kinds of environments that can lead to biodegradation such as aerobic, anaerobic or through manual emergence and activation of micro organisms. These micro organisms can convert plastics into humus like consistency which is not harmful for the environment.

Components Of Biodegradable Plastics:

Biodegradable plastics are made by using various kinds of plastics. Biodegradable plastic consist of Plastics obtained from renewable raw materials. They can also be made from petroleum based plastics utilizing an additive. For letting the plastic expand, some special kinds of compounds are used and they are then exposed to heat and moisture, the plastic is then neutralized and metabolized.

biodegradable plastics

How Biodegradable Plastics Decomposed:

The production of biodegradable products involves injection molding which is done in the form of disposable food service items and films. It can be used for the packaging of agricultural mulch, leaves and grass trimmings, organic food etc. There are various kinds of biodegradation. Photo-degradable materials are decomposed first through exposure of sunlight and then by micro organisms. Hydro-degradable Plastics are decomposed first through water and then by microorganisms. Oxo-degradable plastics are decomposed with the exposure of an additive to them.

Most commonly used petroleum based Plastics contribute to 25% of landfills in United States requiring 20,000 barrels of oil per day. The fundamental logic behind biodegradable plastic is that they get decomposed into small pieces of molecules which can be consumed by bugs and  fungi.

Pizza Hut, KFC, New international, Walmart and Marriott hotels are some of the popular companies using bio-degradable bags. However some critics say that these bags decompose in 18 months. At the same time companies claim that they get decomposed in three days only, while conventional bags take a long time of 100 days.

There is still a wide scope for new innovation to take place and that can happen only if there is a demand for biodegradable plastics bags. This is high time for everyone to make a commitment to save the environment.


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