How To Secure Your Curtain Rods

Curtains play a very important role in the interior designing and in making your rooms look beautiful. And for hanging curtains, curtain rods are required. There should be a wise selection of curtain rods to give a beautiful drape look to your curtains.

In general there are three kinds of curtain rods which are used for hanging the curtains – The spring rod – The decorative curtain rods and the standard rod. The slash rod which looks like a rectangular tube and can fit into similar shaped tubes to make it longer is the most popular rod among all the three rods. Among a wide variety of curtain rods available in the market, you can choose fancy rods made of plastic, wood or metal on the basis of curtains that you want to hang on them.

decorative curtain rods

You can decorate your rooms by using curtains of different and beautiful designs. You can secure your curtain rods through a lot of ways. They should be fixed properly and for making sure that the work is done perfectly, you require some tools such as rods end caps, brackets and fasteners, measuring tape, power drill, plastic wall anchors or toggle bolts, pencil, screws and screw driver.

After making power drills in the walls, brackets are used for holding the curtains. Two brackets can properly hold the curtain; required condition is that they should be perfectly screwed in the wall. Make sure that your curtain rods can bear the weight of your curtains and for safety point of view also there is no risk of falling off in future.

Before hanging the curtain rods, following things should be kept in mind such as height and width of window space which you want to cover with curtains, the height of the curtain headings and the height of tools on which you will hang the curtain like hooks, tabs or rings. The height of rod is also very important. There can be different heights for window treatments such as still, below still, floor length and puddle length.

Consider the overall interior design of your room and select the window dressing based on the shape of windows in your home. Carefully choose your curtain rods and give an attractive interior space as well as ambiance to your home.


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