Bicycle Parts That A Cyclist Needs To Know

A cyclists should have thorough knowledge of the product which he is using, to avoid mishaps. Ground rule first of all he should know  about flat tyres. A tyre is actually made up of three parts may be unscrewed. With a wrench that is often found on better valve caps. It is not enough to be the best cyclists and remain ignorant about the parts. For instance a pilot gets a thorough training about the aircraft before he finally becomes a pilot. In the same way a cyclists must know about the parts of the bicycle for eg.

Axle: Used for rotating the wheel and supports the bearings.

Bar Ends: Extensions at the end of straight handle bars to allow for multiple positions.

Bicycle Parts

Bar Plugs: Plugs for the end of handle bars.

Basket: Cargo carrier.

Bearing: It is a device that helps in rotation and reduces friction, most common types are ball, roller and sleeve.

Bell: Audible device to warn the pedestrians and other cyclists, commonly known as a horn.

Belt Drive: Alternative to chain drive.

Bottle Cage: Water bottle holder.

Bicycle Parts

Bottom Bracket: Bearing system that the pedals rotate around.

Brake: Devices to stop the bicycle.

Brake Lever: A lever for actuating the bicycle brake.

Braze On: A fitting protuding from a frame to provide attachment.

Cable Guide: A fitting below the bottom bracket which guides a piece of bare inner bowden cable around a corner.

Cable: It is used to connect a control, such as a brake or shifting lever, to the device it activates.

Cartridge Bearing: A type of bearing that is not user serviceable, but must be replaced as a unit.

Chain: A system of interlinking pins, plates and rollers that transmits power from the front sprocket to the rear sprocket.

Cone: Holds bearings in place, pressed against the cup.

Down Tube: It is a tube on a bicycle frame that runs from the head tube to the bottom bracket.

Hence it is not just a good to know information for a cyclists, but it is a must know piece of information about different parts of
the product. Both theory and a practical knowledge is a must inorder to be able to give a hundred percent performance in any tasks one takes up. To know more about bicycle parts click here.


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