Food Processing Equipment Used By Industries

Machines utilized in converting raw food material into tasty meals, snacks, drinks etc. are called food processing equipments. The process of converting the raw stuff into edible dishes and packaged food is a commercial process. Several food processing equipments are required to complete the process in each and every food and beverage company for some function. These equipments help to produce large quantity in much less time. The article shed light on details of some such equipments.

The food processing industry is huge and requires different kinds of equipments. Some of them are listed below:

Blenders: Industrial blenders are very useful and are widely used. Production of ketchup, fruit slush, pasta sauces, jams, soups etc. becomes fast, easy and of consistent quality with the help of blenders. Blenders like paddle blenders, drum blenders, zig zag blenders etc. are some of the types.

Food Processing Equipment

Mixers: Mixers are generally used for mixing batter or making consistent dough. Industrial mixers have good capacity and can produce large volumes at one go. The process of production for cheese spreads, breads, cakes, juices etc. becomes faster with the help of mixers.

Meat Grinders: Meat grinders are also an important food procession machine. Grinding of meat happens to be one of the highly tedious processes which is easily accomplished with automatic meat grinders. These equipments help to save a lot of time and effort.

Cutters And Peelers: Cutters and peelers are widely used in processes like making of chips, cakes, jams, juices, energy drinks etc. As the name suggests, they are used for cutting and peeling the raw food materials like fruits, vegetables etc. for the further process.

Pulpers And Finishers: Juice extractors, vertical juice press machines and finishers are available in different capacities and models. The choice is made as per the process they are to be used for.

Apart from these, there are several equipments used at each stage like boiling, evaporation, drying, material handling, refrigeration, filling, packaging etc. like can openers, rinsers, neck banders, gravity fillers, low pressure boilers, cooling pumps etc.


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