Trendiest Modern Kitchen Designs In 2013

Kitchen is one of the most vital rooms in any home and it needs to be equipped with modern amenities and style. Modern home owners choose to remodel their kitchens according to the changing trends of the era. Nevertheless, it is important to include space, functionality and convenience in your kitchen designs.

Colors: One of the trendiest features of modern kitchen includes neutral colors such as grey, wooden and green colors. It is one of the most versatile features of the modern kitchen designs as the owner can choose any type of color that suits the decor of the home.

Kitchen Cabinets

Appliances: Most of the modern kitchen designs include appliance doors and cabinetry to cover the appliances within a specific frame of space. This is quite ideal for small kitchens. It will also enhance the appearance of the kitchens as all electronic equipments are hidden away from sight.

Stylish Interiors: Modern kitchen designs include sleek and contemporary architectural lines with LED lighting fixtures and other stylish accessories.

Kitchen Designs

Lighting: The kitchen designs of 2013 include abundant lighting fixtures under the kitchen hoods, cabinets and other spaces creating a beautiful ambiance to the existing space.

Range Hoods: Different types of cooking range hoods are available today. Some of the modern collections of range hoods are sleek and subtle. It includes beautiful decorative designs which add to the charm of the room in more ways than one. It is available in different attractive shapes too.

Modern Kitchen Designs

Flooring: Hardwood flooring is the latest trendy kitchen designs which include floors made of maple, oak, pine, ash and so forth. These types of flooring options appear elegant when it is combined with neutral colors and stylish appliances.

Glass Walls: Glass is used in every accessory in the modern kitchen. From walls to cooking hoods, glass designs are considered to be one of the most elegant transitions from traditional designs.

Modern Kitchen

Kitchen islands are another modern inclusion which has become widely popular. Traditional dinning rooms pave way to new kitchen islands as it exudes an untold sophistication. Stylish bar stools are used as accessories in modern kitchen spaces.


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