Tips To Repair Cylinder Head Gasket

The internal combustion engine of a car depends on many vital components for its efficient functioning. The cylinder head is among the most important parts of an engine which assist in the transfer of heat and gases. The cylinder head gasket is one of the most essential parts of the cylinder head and car engine.

The cylinder head gasket is basically a gasket which is placed in between the engine block and the cylinder head in a car. It is designed to prevent leakages between the two objects by sealing the space in between the surfaces. It is mainly designed to improve the compression between the cylinders. The compression prevents the leakages of coolant or engine oil. The cylinder gaskets are made of different types of materials. There are gasket heads which include three layers of steel. These types of gasket heads are used in most of the modern cylinders.

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head

Sometimes the head gasket get damaged which can further lead to many complications. The head gasket may be blown if the radiator looses coolant when there are no visible leakages, explosion of radiator hose and sounds from the radiator. It is quite easy to replace the automotive cylinder head gasket by following these simple tips.

First disconnect the negative battery terminal which is located at the top of the car battery. Remove the air box and the intake hose.

Disconnect the air conditioner compressor and remove the bolts to get to the gasket. Then remove the water pump hose and the alternator.

Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads

Remove the radiator hoses and drain it. Disconnect the lines which run into the air conditioning unit so that the gasket is visible.

Remove the bolts on the head gasket and clean it thoroughly. Put a new gasket in its place.

Replacing a head gasket requires a bit of mechanical skills. However, with a good manual kit, it is possible to replace these parts easily.

Cylinder head gaskets can be bought from online stores as there are many stores which showcase a variety of car spare parts at different price rates.

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