Uses And Advantages Of Vacuum Gauge

A vacuum gauge is a device which is used to observe the vacuum of the engine. This gauge can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Simple reading of this gauge can interpret many conditions of a vehicle. The fuel setting, tune-up and spark timing can be attuned by simply watching this gauge. It also shows the amount of pressure within the engine.

The engine of a vehicle functions similar to an air pump with pistons that move upwards and downwards. The air is pulled through the fuel system when the pistons move downwards. The vacuum gauge measures air seepage or loss and considers it as a loss of vacuum. Slight variation in the vacuum pressure is also shown on the gauge when the ignition system is weak.

Vacuum Gauge

Vacuum Gauge

With the help of a vacuum gauge, it is possible to identify bad coils; bad spark plugs and plug wires easily. Even though all these parts are functioning appropriately, the gauge will detect some errors which can be identified easily. It is then possible to identify and replace the faulty spare part easily.

It is also easy to identify a worn valve stem or guide when the vacuum reading fluctuates. Sometimes the exhaust valves do not function well which can be identified easily with the help of these gauges.

Vacuum Gauge

Vacuum Gauge

In case the reading drops drastically in the gauge, it could be an indication of a cracked head or blown head gasket. Blown gaskets can be easily identified with the help of a gauge as the readings will be much lower than normal.

These gauges are one of the most useful diagnostic tools used to diagnose the engines. In all natural engines, the pressure of the engine is always below the atmospheric pressure which is the reason it is referred to as vacuum.

This gauge reads in millimeters or inches of mercury. Healthy engine create more vacuum than the weak engines. So the pressure reading indicates the wear and tear of an engine. Different types of gauges can be bought easily from many of the online stores at affordable price rates.


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