Differences Between Particle Board And Solid Wood Furniture

Particle board is basically a compressed sheet of fine wood particles mixed with a resin. It is flat in shape and can be cut easily. It is widely used for variety of purposes as it is quite consistent. Real wood on the other hand is quite tensile as it contains connecting fibers. These fibers exude both beauty and strength. Solid wood is mainly used for various woodworking items where as particle board is used in construction industries.

Particle board is mainly used for the interior construction of cabinets as most of these boards are available in a perfect thickness and shape. Solid wood can be imperfect at time as it can vary in thicknesses and it is not always square in shape. Solid wood may include cracks, hollow spots and splits which can seldom be found in boards.

Particle Board

Particle Board

Wood is considered to be far more superior to particle board in many ways. Wood has the strength of grain patterns and all other characteristic features which makes it an ideal material for cabinet doors and frames. Particle board can be used for building materials only. However, particle boards can be cut from any direction easily unlike the solid wooden boards. It is quite difficult to use the entire piece of solid wood whereas even scraps of particle boards can be utilized easily.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood

One of the greatest flaws of chip board or particle board is its vulnerability to moisture. These boards tend to sag or swell when it is minimally exposed to moisture or water. Although wood can also be affected by water, it can sustain moisture far better than particle board.

Solid Wood Furniture

Solid Wood Furniture

The cost of these two building materials is quite different from one another. Chip boards are cheap and affordable. It is therefore used in a wide range of materials such as study table tops, chairs, cabinet doors and so forth. But materials made of chip board tend to deteriorate over a period of time. Solid wood lasts for a longer of time and it is even more expensive in comparison to chip boards. However, both these materials are used in different ways for different purposes. To know more about particle board click here.


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