Regular Consumption of Assam Tea Benefits Health

Regular consumption of Assam tea has many beneficial effects on health as it contains a considerable amount of caffeine. The caffeine contained in coffee beans is quite similar to the caffeine contained in black tea.

In addition to a considerable amount of caffeine, Assam tea also includes a rich source of anti-oxidants and various other nutrients which are seldom found in a cup of coffee. Today most people prefer to drink tea instead of coffee due to its added health benefits.

However, the level of caffeine in tea depends on various factors such as the brewing time, amount of broken and unbroken leaves in the tea and the temperature of the water.

Assam Tea

The naturally produced Assam tea includes a certain level of caffeine which helps to improve alertness and reduce fatigue. A moderate level of caffeine can prove to be beneficial to health. However, when it is consumed in large quantities, it can adversely affect the mental and physical health of a person in many ways.

Assam Tea Benefits

In addition to caffeinated tea, decaffeinate tea can also be bought today from most of the online and offline stores. Decaffeinated tea has a similar taste, color, flavor and richness of the caffeinated variety but it is devoid of chemicals in the process of de-caffeination.

Health Benefits:

Cancer Prevention: Consumption of this black tea helps to prevent cancer as it contains phenolic compounds which help to prevent cancer. Regular consumption of black tea helps to reduce ovarian cancer in women and lung cancer in men.

Assam Tea Leaves

Parkinson’s Disease: As black tea increases mental alertness, it is also believed to reduce the risks of Parkinson’s disease.

Cardiovascular Health: Regular consumption of black Assam tea also helps to improve cardiovascular health. It helps to prevent the build up of plague inside the arteries. It also helps to reduce the risks of hardening of arteries in women. Thereby it helps to reduce heart attacks in men and women. To know more about assam tea click here.


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