Things to Do When The Water Pipe Freezes

During extreme winters, the water in the pipes tends to freeze and this expands the pipes which causes splits and damages. However, there are different ways to avoid this potential damages to the pipe.

Tips To Prevent Ice Formation:

Insulating the pipes is one of the best methods to avoid freezing of the pipes. If homes and properties are left unheated for a long period of time, it is quite essential to completely drain the system and check all the pipes for damages. Leakages should be repaired immediately to avoid freezing of water at nights.

Hose Pipe

If the water in the pipes does not flow into the taps, it is essential to check the lofts for frozen pipes. Ice plugs tend to form in the roof pipes so it is essential to check the sources and clear the pipes immediately.

Most of the copper pipes transfer heat quickly so a hair dryer machine can be used to heat the pipe back and forth and melt the ice inside the hose pipe. It is also essential to leave the pipes open so that the water flows out as the ice begins to thaw.

In case the hair dryers do not thaw the ice, a hot towel or hot water bottle can be used to thaw the ice effectively. Tie the hot towel on top of the pipe to melt the ice within. Copper pipes seldom break due to expansion as it has the ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions unlike the lead pipes.

Hose Pipes

If the copper pipes split or break at certain points due to expansion, there are different techniques which can be adopted to stop the leakages temporarily. A garden hose pipe can be used to wrap around the copper pipe. Cut a piece of garden hose pipe and clamp the pipe around the copper pipe using wires or clips.

Epoxy putty can also be used to repair these pipes easily. The putty can be used to stick various types of metals and plastic. All these methods are temporary solutions for broken copper pipes although the epoxy putty tends to lasts for a long time.


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