Health and Healing Benefits of Steam Bath

Steam bath is known to include various healing and health benefits. According to Hippocrates, fever had the power to cure diseases and since then the use of steam baths and saunas became popular.

As steam bath includes elevated moisture content, it is particularly used to reduce allergies and bronchitis. It is also believed to reduce asthmatic symptoms. It also leaves the skin soft and supple which explains the reason why it is used in most of the beauty parlors.

Important Health Benefits:

Respiratory Ailments: Steam is highly beneficial for people suffering from cold and flu as it helps to reduce the mucous formed in the lungs. It also helps to remove the allergens trapped inside the body which can cause infections. It is perfectly ideal for people suffering from breathing problems too.

Steam Bath

Most people who suffer from asthma and breathing difficulties indulge in steam bath to obtain relief. It clears the airways and helps to remove the mucous from the throat, nose and lungs. However, it offers no cure for respiratory diseases. Steam bath is beneficial as a temporary relief so most people prefer to use it over and over again.

Pain Relief: It is an excellent remedy for muscular and joint pain. Steam bath can help to relieve the pain caused due to muscular injuries. The steam causes the blood vessels to enlarge and therefore increases the blood circulation in the body. It helps to improve the healing process.

steam bath equipment

Skin Benefits: Steam bath is extremely beneficial for a healthy and glowing skin. As steam increases the blood circulation, it further proves to be beneficial to the skin. Steam also helps to unlock the pores and thereby cleanses the skin.

Relaxation: Sauna or steam bath helps the body to unwind and relax after a strenuous work-out session, long journey or stressful work at the office. The muscles loosen up due to the heat of the steam and relax the entire body and mind. A steam bath just before bedtime is ideal for an excellent sleep.

It also helps to reduce stress and therefore lowers the chances of heart diseases and hypertension caused due to extreme stressful conditions.


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