Differences Between Rotary, Pressure and Light Switches

There are different types of switches which are manufactured for various purposes. Each type of switch includes different features, use, benefits and limitations. The most common types of switches include the light, rotary and pressure switches. With the advance in technology, manufacturers design new products regularly with different alluring features which find its way into the consumer markets and homes.

As there are various types of switches in the markets today, choosing between them can be quite a perplexing task. However, through an in-depth knowledge of these switches, it is possible to identify individual requirements easily.

Types of Switches:

Rotary Switches: These switches are mainly used on devices which require two or more than two modes of operation. Fans, radios, multimeters and so forth are some of the devices which use rotary switches. The rotary switches are used for various types of devices. It is widely used in various household appliances too. It is quite easy to purchase these switches from many of the reputed online stores as there are many brands of rotary switches made available through various online stores too.

Rotary Switch

Light Switches: Another common variety of switches include the light switches which are mainly used to control electrical outlets, lights and various other equipments which are connected permanently. The light switches are often fixed on the walls. It can also be found on torches to operate the light.

Light Switch

There is a huge assortment of light switches available today. In the earlier days, these switches were usually available in plain white colors made of plastic materials. Today, light switches can be found in various materials such as ceramic, metal, plastic and so forth. It can be bought in an array of beautiful colors and designs to suit different kinds of decors.

Pressure Switch

Pressure Switches: These particular types of switches function on the basis of pressure. A change in pressure can break and make or break an electrical connection. There are different types of pressure switches in the markets. The pressure switches are mainly used in automobiles, aircrafts and so forth.

All these different types of switches can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates. Also know more about rotary switch click here.


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